Guaranteed fraud protection for ecommerce merchants

  • Approve every last good order
  • Accept international orders with zero risk
  • Never pay for a chargeback again

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“If I could rate them 6+ stars I would. Excellent customer service and well worth the money”
Verified customer

You sell products you’re a target for fraudsters.

How do you currently deal with fraud?

The Overly Cautious Conservative

“I can’t afford to take risks. I’ve stopped shipping internationally; I don’t ship orders when the billing info doesn’t match; I don’t ship when the total is too high.”

The Result:

Hundreds of declined good orders.

The Fingers-Crossed Risk Taker

“How can I possibly keep tabs on everything!?!? I ship all orders...and hope for the best. Fraud is part of doing business; I’ll have to swallow the losses.”

The Result:

Thousands of dollars lost to chargebacks.

The Do-It-By-Hand Executive

“I can control this monster. My team manually screens each order, one by one, to determine if it’s good. Sometimes they make mistakes, but usually they’re on target.”

The Result:

Complete salaries wasted on in-house resources.

You don't have to lose thousands to chargebacks, decline good orders, or waste your employees’ time.

There is a better way.

Eye4Fraud’s powerful software
allows you to accept

  • every single order
  • from anywhere in the world
  • with zero risk

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What do I get with Eye4Fraud?

Increase your revenue by up to 30% like Kathy

When you accept every order without worrying, your revenue shoots up. Plus, you’re not paying for chargebacks.

We earn 30% more in revenue thanks to Eye4Fraud. We used to miss many fraudulent orders, leading to lots of chargebacks. Now, with Eye4Fraud, the bad orders don't ship and we’ve got all the chargebacks covered.


Accept every last good order like Richard...

Anyone can reject orders; only experts can accept with confidence. Thanks to a carefully-honed algorithm and diligent manual verification team, we have an overall 98.6% approval rate, with many industries enjoying a 99.7% approval rate — the highest rate in the industry, period.

We sell expensive B2B products; some are $5K or more. Our previous fraud vendor’s approach was ‘turn everything down.’ When they saw a big-ticket sale, they would reject it outright. This approach didn’t keep us in business. In contrast, Eye4Fraud is not concerned about the dollar amount; they are concerned about getting the job done right. They rarely reject orders, and when they do, it’s justified.

Richard Wagner, President,

Free up your employees for more important revenue-generating things like Sam...

Sure, your employees can sit over orders each day. But isn’t their time better spent on growing your company? When you work with Eye4Fraud, you get the job done cheaper — and better.

Eye4Fraud saves us time because we don’t have to review orders internally or dispute chargebacks. Their order verification saves us hours a day, across multiple people. It saves us money, too.

Sam, Director of E-Commerce, Oved Apparel

Sell internationally — without worrying about fraud

Open up entire new markets by expanding your sales across the globe — even to 3rd world countries. You don’t have to think twice, because you’re insured.

Since starting with Eye4Fraud, our international orders have tripled. We now have the assurance that we can send out every order. Plus, they catch a lot of fraudulent US orders that would have otherwise shipped — saving us thousands of dollars.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger, CEO,

Easy integrations with the platforms you use

No other fraud company approves more orders

order approval rate for low-risk items
order approval rate for high-risk items
orders processed

How our system protects you better than the industry average

Industry Average
Order approval rate 97.9% 99.7% - Low-risk items 98.6% - High-risk items
Phone orders Not available Always available — with 90% approval rate
Integration setup $1000 added fee, on average $0, always
Customer service Create a ticket...then wait two days to get a scripted response from an automated bot 😖 Same-day response from a (human) account manager who knows you personally


98.6% of your orders approved

No other system captures more good customers

Our average approval rate is the highest in the industry: 98.6%. And many verticals enjoy an even higher rate: 99.7%.

95% of orders are approved instantly, and the rest are manually verified within hours by our team of experts.

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No setup fees, no headaches, no lengthy process.
Just a seamless integration with your existing platform.

Work with a platform?

We’ll get you set up in 2 minutes — you can time it.

Have a custom site?

Setup takes 2-4 hours on average.

Set up integrations

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Not sure you need our services?

We help you set up your shopping cart or payment gateway integrations, so you can see our product up close — and make sure it’s a good fit.

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You’ll get a two-week zero-commitment trial, so you can experience the product firsthand — and see how we can help you drive more revenue, fast.

revenue 💰

Brace yourself for a spike in sales.

No more spending hours on manual review — because our 100% guaranteed service covers every order, from anywhere in the world.

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Before Eye4Fraud:

Fraud Detection: In-house

Our international orders have tripled. We now send out every order, knowing we’re protected. There’s no complicated scoring system; it’s a YES or a NO. And it’s almost always a YES.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger, CEO

Lift in international orders:


With Eye4Fraud

Full case study

Before Eye4Fraud:

Fraud Detection: In-house

We earn 30% more in revenue thanks to Eye4Fraud. We used to miss many fraudulent orders, leading to lots of chargebacks. Now, the bad orders don't ship and we’ve got all the chargebacks covered.


Lift in total revenue:


With Eye4Fraud

Full case study

Before Eye4Fraud:

Fraud Detection: In-house

At our volume, fraud detection is a full-time job, if not two. How many people do I free up? That was a big focus. Relieving my employees of this job so they can be deployed for other tasks was a big deal.

Richard Wagner, President

Labor costs eliminated:


With Eye4Fraud

Full case study

What else can I expect with Eye4Fraud?

Stop paying for chargebacks like Abe...

Our software detects fraud before you ship, so you stop losing thousands each month. And in the rare event of a chargeback, it’s on us.

Thanks to Eye4Fraud, I was notified of fraudulent transactions worth $100K. Without Eye4Fraud, I would have shipped and lost $100K.

Abe Indig, CEO,

Never pay a penny for a mistake like Meir...

Our service is guaranteed. That means we take 100% responsibility. You shipped an order and it was fraudulent? It’s our problem. We pay for it.

Verifying orders used to be a manual, labor-intensive process — and even then, we weren’t 100% covered. Eye4Fraud eliminated this entire burden...and they come through on their promise: in the past year, there were only two justified chargebacks — and each time, we received a reimbursement check in the mail.

Meir Tsinman, VP of Ecommerce,

How much money are you losing to fraud?

Missed bad orders
Declined good orders
In-house manual review
Thousands of dollars lost each month

If you’re a business owner still checking orders manually, you are losing money — and missing out on perfectly good orders.

As one of the nation’s oldest and most established fraud detection firms, we can help you get every last good order — with zero chargebacks and zero hassle, 100% guaranteed.

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