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How does your chargeback guarantee work?

If we make a mistake, we pay. That’s how confident we are in the reliability of our system. You got notified of a chargeback? Let us know and you’ll get refunded for the full order. We can mail a check, refund the charged card, or credit the next invoice — you choose. Assuming all documents are submitted on time, it usually takes 48 hours for us to review the chargeback and process the credit. In seven years of business, we’ve never once missed a reimbursement.

How long does it take for Eye4Fraud to approve each order?

Over 98.6% of orders get a result instantly. The orders that need a manual review get a result within 1-2 business hours. Because we’re committed to approving every last good order, we occasionally put an order through an advanced review instead of declining it. Such an order can take several business days.

What do I need to send you in case of a chargeback?

In case of a chargeback, we’ll need the following documents emailed to

  • •  Chargeback notification
  • •  Proof of delivery
  • •  Order invoice
  • •  Payment gateway receipt showing AVS and CVV code.
What’s your rate of declined orders?

This depends on the industry and risk level: some industries enjoy an 99.7% order approval rate, while others get 98% of orders approved. Overall, 98.6% of our customer orders get approved — which means that only 1.4% of orders are rejected.

If you decline an order, can I still ask for an additional review?

Yes, we are always happy to take another look at a specific order.

Which platforms do you integrate with?

In addition to our custom API, we offer the following integrations:

How long does the integration take?

We have easy extensions to integrate with all popular platforms. These integrations take just a few minutes to install. The basic custom API requires about 2-4 hours of work from your developer.

How does pricing work?

Pricing works on a percentage model. We take a small percentage of the processing total, which depends on the list price of your item and the volume of sales. To hear more about pricing for your specific business, submit a request to our friendly sales team, who will get back to you within 2 business hours.

Do you insure international orders?

Yes, we do. In fact, many of our customers started selling internationally once they had the reassurance of Eye4Fraud’s zero-risk fraud solution. They were able to expand their businesses into an entirely new market.

What’s the commitment once I sign up?

You get a two-week trial, commitment-free. Before the trial, we’ll help set up your integration so you get a real-time feel for the software. Plus, even once you sign on, the contract is month-to-month. You are never locked in.

What if we don’t have that much fraud to begin with?

That’s great! But be aware that most businesses owners who face no fraud either

  • •  maintain overly strict approval rules, resulting in hundreds of dollars lost to declined good orders, OR
  • •  go months without fraud, but then get hit hard. This is because fraudsters work in groups, and once a company is detected as vulnerable, it becomes a prime target.

If you’re like most successful ecommerce businesses, you face fraud on a regular basis. And if you’re a growing business, you are more likely to face fraud every single day. Imagine that you had the freedom to sell your products all over the world, on multiple sales channels, without fear of losing money. The increased revenue potential is enormous — and the peace of mind is priceless.

Is there a termination fee?

No. You can cancel at any time with no termination fee.

What data do you use to check for fraud?

We put all orders through our advanced AI technology, which checks information from multiple data points. These include:

  • •  Email address
  • •  IP location
  • •  Behavioral data
  • •  Issuing bank data
  • •  Public records
Does the customer know they’re being checked?

Usually not. In the rare case that an order goes through an advanced review, the customer may be aware of it.

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