is an international supplier of high-tech equipment. They process 70,000 transactions per year, 50,000 of which are online.

This is their story…

We hand it over and we don’t think about it — they run with it

Without the guarantee, we’d still have to pay attention and spend time looking things over. Now, we hand it over and we don’t think about it — they run with it. Our people don’t have to do extra layers of investigation, so it frees up a lot of our employees.

Richard Wagner, President,


Stress + lost time

As a large company routinely processing orders of $5K or more, fraudulent orders meant big losses for

They handled fraud prevention internally, but that meant serious stress for the Order Processing department (the stakes were high!), along with lots of lost time — and full salaries wasted on fraud prevention that wasn’t even guaranteed.

Something had to change.


Confidence + freed-up employees

In 2014, Interworld partnered with Eye4Fraud to get protected — and as CEO Richard Wagner puts it, they could finally “leave the fraud detection business and focus on their own.”

Facing zero risk, Interworld was able to leave fraud worries in the capable hands of Eye4Fraud. Plus, now that fraud was no longer being handled internally, employees had more time to focus on other aspects of the business and boost its bottom line.

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