Based in Edison, New Jersey, The Oved Group is the parent brand of nearly a dozen international adult and children’s clothing brands. Unique designs, smooth production, and impeccable customer service come together in this one-of-a-kind apparel company.

This is their story…

The order management goes so much faster

Previously we were reviewing every order that came through and cancelling about 10% of our orders due to suspected fraud. Now it all goes through Eye4Fraud and the order management goes so much faster.

Sam, Director of Ecommerce, Oved Apparel


High fraud rate + 10% of orders cancelled

Frequent fraud compelled Oved Apparel to cancel all suspicious orders — which amounted to a whopping 10% of sales. By cancelling so many good orders simply because of a lack of clarity, Oved was losing significant money to fraud.


Less fraud + lower cancellation rate

Oved Apparel partnered with Eye4Fraud in 2016.

Thanks to Eye4Fraud’s 98.6% approval rate, Oved is now putting hundreds more good orders through — saving both time and money.

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